About Us

Host Green Solar Energy Systems Trading LLC, has been serving the community since 1999, specializing in quality products. Host Green Solar Energy Systems has built a reputation for honesty and integrity for over 15 years in the Middle East. The company has concentrated its activities in promoting goods and services that can be used with the utmost of confidence.
We based in Dubai, UAE, we are Middle East Distributor for CSR Edmonds Australia Pty Ltd.’s Wind Driven Roof Ventilator, office Di Energia Srl, from Italy Flexible light weight solar panel system, and Sky Tunnel day lighting system. All products meet the requirements of LEED’s certification and offer truly 100% green energy benefits.
As Host Green Solar Energy Systems Trading LLC, have experienced personal who can assess your needs and produce an exclusive design that will match your needs and budget.
Company Profile  

Cylindrical Rotating Type Wind Driven Ventilator from CSR Edmonds Australia, is a natural wind driven ventilator that saves energy and provide air cooling. It improves indoor air quality, control humidity and remove heat from the Building.

Eco Power – Dual Speed Ventilator (with Wind and Electricity)ideal for removing forced and natural heat from the Building with single phase power. Night time it works with wind and when more ventilation is required Eco power uses energy efficient mechanical ventilator.

Sky Tunnel for SGECO Australian Technology. Natural Day Lighting System can reduce the energy consumption.

We Provide Free Energy From Sun. Save Energy – provide comfortable conditions inside. Industrial facilities to increase productivity to make more money.

Save Energy – Provide day lighting system inside your facilities with better conditions.

We provide Design, Built, Demonstrate, Test and Commissioning Industrial Application. Our Products Save Energy and helps the Planet Earth to go Green

We can visit you facility and access your requirements with Ventilator, Day Lighting or Solar Power.