TexAir Products Dubai

Tex-ceiling, the main purpose of which is the comfortable distribution of conditioned air in offices and public buildings with suspension ceilings. Textile duct system will allow to achieve the air exchange system that the facilities require. TexAir achieves a unified air distribution system.
The Baltic TexAir Company specializes in the production of air distribution textile systems (textile ventilations) for all types of air heating, ventilation, and conditioning (HVAC).

The use of cutting-edge production technology combined with our extensive experience operating in the HVAC sphere (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) has provided us a means to manufacture high-quality products. We also are constantly striving to improve our textile duct systems and integrate ever newer front-running technical solutions into our manufacturing process.

Primary features

  • Facility ventilation
  • High level of mixing
  • Washable
  • Original appearance
  • Cost-effective
  • No risk of condensate formation
  • Quick installation and disassembly
  • Noiseless during operation
  • Light-weight system
  • No air duct corrossion