Dual type roof ventilator

Edmonds EcoPower, In a World first, EcoPower is the only hybrid ventilations units which incorporate Australian-engineered True-hybrid technology. EcoPower combines natural ventilation with a high efficiency electronically commutated (EC) motor in a single unit to ensure reliable and on-demand peak performance, which required EcoPower is capable of operating unhindered in natural mode (wind) or in both natural and energy efficient mechanical modes simultaneously. When required, performance boosted by activating mechanical operating to ensure desired airflow rates is achieved. Even during mechanical operations, wind power can improve flow rate performance.

Product features & Benefits:

  • High efficiency ventilation when required
  • Low energy consumption
  • Significantly lower noise level
  • Advanced EC motor technology for long lasting performance and durability
  • Light weight design
  • Single phase power input
  • Aluminum marine quality for long life
  • Compatible with most 3rd party and BMS system
  • Automated on/off control through temperature, time, humidity sensors


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Dual type roof ventilator